..... you can tell the state of a population ....

on the way it is caring for ...... every thing !

like what they eat .... to just make them sick !
like there was no reason to even be healthy
like it was some fun to go to the hospital .....

and it is so easy .... to get the right nourishments !
all you have to to > is look at your biological ancestors >
being mainly fruit eaters .....

and up to this day ... the digestive system of our bodies
is not adapted to a lot of meat > let alone milk from a cow !
maybe some yogurt to supply calcium

since this is not biologically available
in most other foods or drinking water

and you may be getting weak bones from >
especially when there is not enough vitamin d available

so ... if you eat just fruits and vegetables .... maybe a little fish
especially sardines ..... maybe some game now and then ....

do not watch too much television ....
meaning you get 12 hr of rest every day
then you will get to be a 100 yrs old
with out ever seeing a doctor .......

period !

galactic central